The Art & Craft of Wire-wrapping Pendants

There are dozens of tutorials out there in cyber space that can teach you how to wire wrap.  But when it comes to pendants, it’s a new experience every time.  Personally, I love interesting shaped stones, which are sometimes tricky to wrap.

First, I create a design on paper.  i make a template of the stone, marking where I think that I’d like to have the side wraps and how I want the  design to look.  This primarily includes whether I want to simply raise the top wire to hold the stone, or whether I want the wires to criss-cross, or to just cross.  And where I want the wraps to start and stop.  I do the same for the back.  It’s really important that this is done on paper because you need to pre-determine how many wires you need on each side to start with and where you want them to end up for the bail.  Here’s a sample of a simple silver on silver wrapping with a gently curving design made from some of the bail wires.

This is also an example of a fairly uniform stone in that there are no odd angles.

We’ll look at some stones that DO have odd angles next time.  And if you’d like more details, let me know.  Thanks for stopping by,  Luann


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