Wire-Wrap Two-tone Stone

While this is a fairly uniform shape, the colors made it a challenging wrapping project.  This is a Tiffany Bertrandite Opal.  My favorite stone to work with and this one is particularly beautiful.  After playing around with various ideas about which corner or side  should be the top/bottom, what wire to use, sterling and gold filled, I knew that I wanted to emphasize the two-tone color of the stone, which, by the way, is fairly thin.   The thickness of the stone is important because the pendant will look best with just the number of wires that, when wrapped together, are about the same thickness of the stone.  Because of this, I needed to have the number of wires remain the same on each side, even after crossing over.  If you look carefully, you’ll see how I did this.  The wire that appears to cross over is actually one of the right side wires.  In this case, it is the placement of the wraps that allows this to happen and gives it that cross-stone pattern.

My point being, and I’ll elaborate on this again with another wrapping challenge, designing on paper first is critical.

Here’s a pendant that I’ll talk about next time.  Probably.


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