Oddly Wrapped

One of my first oddly angled stones was this Rooster Tail Agate.  Since I was brand new at this, I tried wrapping it uniformly.  It didn’t really work very well.  Today, I would do it quite differently.  At the time, I did not realize how difficult it would be to “fit” the bottom nicely.  And actually, I might make the bottom the top next time.   And while the gap between the stone and the wrapping looks ok, it’s not what I like.  MY “do-over” would be to place the wrapping elsewhere, probably up the longer side, and have it go to exactly the point of the stone.  This way, the wires will bend nice and close to the stone.  My other critique of this setting is the bail, which is huge compared to the stone.  I guess I just kept on wrapping,  Never a good idea.

Here one where I wrapped just to the point.   Better.  But it could be better yet.  For instance, on the right side, the stone caves in a bit so you can see a gap between the stone and the wires.  If I had instead put wrapping there, there wouldn’t be a gap.

Ok, here’s one that I did everything right.  (I think.)  Two-tone worked beautifully with this stone.  The wrapping is placed asymmetrically, simple raised wires hold the stone while still making the interesting striations on the stone the main feature.  And a great bail always help!

I’d love some comments about these stones.  How would YOU have wrapped them?  How else might I have improved the settings?

Next time, I’m going to show three un-set stones that I’ll be wire wrapping soon.  One is a triangle, one is a trapezoid, and one is uniformly oblong, smaller at one end.  Well, pictures will help.  Please comment and sign up to receive my RSS.  And come back .

Thanks so much.



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