Three Cabs Looking for Wrapping

Here are the three cabs that I mentioned in my last blog that have, shall we say, challenging shapes.  The one on the left is not-so-bad in that it is at least uniform.  To me, the focus should be on the pattern on the bottom, as if that’s ground and/or mountain.

The middle stone is an Agate that I’ve had so long I can’t remember exactly what it is.  It is small and exactly triangular. I still haven’t decided how it should be wrapped.

The third is a beautiful Tiffany Bertrandite Opal.  It, too, is on the small side and trapezoid.  I think I will probably wrap it from one corner, leaving the lovely light corner on the bottom.  But I’m not sure.

Check in soo to see what I’ve done.  And by the way,  ANY and ALL suggestions would be gladly accepted.

See you soon.




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