But I Digress….

Ok, it may take me a few days to get one or more of the trio of stones wire wrapped.  I’m still noodling about HOW, while I work on other projects.  I have some new chainmaille necklaces coming up for my Etsy shop.  So we’ll probably want to talk a little about chainmaille. There are several books that explain the math involved with understanding which rings to use for which weave.  It really matters what size the ring is, what gauge wire the ring was made from, and what pattern you’re going to try.

Below is an example of a more complicated mathematical issue.  This is the Serpent Persian necklace made from a variety of size rings and woven in the Persian weave.  Each change in size required a full set change in rings, both in size of rings and gauge of wire that made the rings.  By always using the correct rings for a particular weave, the weave will flow nicely.  It will be beautiful and flexible.  The necklace demonstrates several sizes of chain that you could make with the Persian weave.  It’s a great, fun project.  Just a little time-consuming, but so enjoyable to see it lengthen.

You can check it out in my Etsy shop here:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/101143651/serpentine-persian-chainmaille-necklace


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