On Top of THAT, All Chainmaille Rings Are NOT Equal

In fact it's not a scale armor at all, it's ju...

It’s easy to see how you would need different sizes of rings when you’re doing any piece that is graduated, such as the necklace in the earlier blog, or the earrings below. You can see them on my Etsy Shop by clicking on the photo for a larger view.

And on the right is a graphic showing how the different sizes are incorporated in a patters called Dragon Scale.

But sometimes you’re making something that is not graduated, but because of the weave pattern, requires different gauge rings and/or different diameter rings.  Such as this set below:

(Again, to see larger photo, click on it.)

Or this set:

 (click photo for larger pic.)

There are a lot of sites on the internet that will help you calculate which sizes go with which other sizes on a particular weave. They can vary, depending upon the size you desire of the finished item. I’ve made three different sizes of the Shaggy set just above using different sizes of rings.  (Of course, wearing them all together was just awesome.)  A good search term to use is “chain maille rings.” Check out the top sites and you’ll find plenty of details. Some also have photos of the different sizes created when using different size rings. Nearly every major seller of rings for chainmaille offers lots of how-tos and plenty of information for both beginners and more.


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