It’s About Time I Finished My Little Pendant!

Much too long ago, I discussed wire wrapping pendent stones. And I showed you three that I would work on. Following that, I showed you the triangle Tiffany Bertrand stone “IN PROGRESS.” Now I’ve completed it and have a couple of photos to show.

But first a chat about what went wrong. This is not one of my perfect pendants. In the first place, I put wrapping around the corner of the pendant and was, as you’ll see, unable to get it tight enough. I thought I could. But nope. The second (maybe) error was the elongated bail. The bail itself is just right, actually. It’s the wrapping from the bail down to the stone. Too long, I think. Then, while attempting to get the wrap tight, I made a little bend at the bottom. Hardly noticeable, I know. But I know it’s there. My major goal of showing off a beautiful, small stone, however, was well done, thank you very much. Take a look.

So, what to do with this pendent??? It’s too pretty to re-wrap. It’s not perfect enough to sell. How about free? I’ll give this pendent to the first person who purchases any item in my shop. And incidentally, I’m offering a 20% off coupon to my Blogger and Facebook friends. Can’t possibly bead this deal, I don’t think. COUPON CODE IS: 03131

The photo below is a direct link to my Etsy shop. Be sure to mention that you saw my pendent give-away on my blog and it will be yours.


And here’s the “in progress” photo from earlier.

Thanks for stopping by.




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