Blog No Longer On Hold

Sadly, my darling husband, Jerry, did not survive his illness–brain cancer.  We both worked very hard to get him well, and we actually had a lot of good times over those months.  But he passed away last mid-July. I’ve been totally stopped in my tracks since then.

However, I’m told that getting back to “work,” and writing about work and Jerry, will help me to recover from my shock and loss.  As one of my friends put it, it’s a wound that will heal in time, but the scar will always be there.  Of course, Jerry and all the wonderful memories we shared over 22 years will always be with me too.

On my Personal Website (link at right), you’ll find another blog. That one will be more about Jerry and my ongoing recovery through my grief.  This one will be more about jewelry.  Of course, both topics are such a part of me, you’ll see some of each in each.

So please comment.  I hope you’re still subscribed.  Thanks for stopping by.


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