My jewelry business has evolved over the years.  It’s almost like reinventing what it is that I do.  I made lamp work beads for over 10 years and sold them world-wide.  Tucson, where we moved a few years ago, brought hot Summers so I made fused beads, pendants, bowls, plates.  Another move brought a great studio in my home, perfect for jewelry making, including wire wrap, chainmaille, kumihimo, and some metal forging just for the challenge.  Well, and fun too!

My beads and jewelry have been sold on my own web site, e-Bay, Etsy and Artfire, not to mention, right off of me when wearing them.

This particular new beginning came about after taking some time off due to my husband’s illness.  He’s recuperating, and I miss making jewelry.  So, I’m back at it.  And my venue this time is Etsy.  Most people seem to know it, more so than Artfire, so I’ve set up shop there, and have a mini-me (lol) on my web site as well as a LuannsEclectics page on Facebook, where there is also a mini-Etsy.  And I’m on Twitter, Flickr, Linkedin, and a couple of others.

So, a new blog.  I plan to write about my jewelry and various techniques that I’ve learned through trial and error. Some of these posts may only be of interest to other jewelry makers, and some may be of interest to women to wear jewelry.

Please comment on anything you wish.  I would love to hear from you.


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